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3 days in Rapid City

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3 days
195 km
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    Note: Custer State Park is located about 40 minutes south of Rapid City, but the drive is 100% worth it once you step foot in the park. Custer State Park offers a ton of outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy, from kayaking in Sylvan Lake to hiking Black Elk Peak, the tallest mountain in the state, and rock-climbing the iconic Needles rock formations. Custer State Park is also home to 1,400 bison, and you have a great chance of spotting the herd as you drive along Wildlife Loop Road! Tickets are $20 per vehicle which will give you access for 7 days.
    31km | 25m
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    Note: Instead of heading straight home from Custer State Park, turn the drive into a scenic loop by popping over the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The memorial is only 30 minutes away from Custer State Park and is probably South Dakota’s most iconic destination. Seeing the rock carvings in person is seriously awe-inspiring, and the park offers a number of viewpoints, museums, and walking trails. Tickets are $10 per vehicle with discounts available for seniors and military personnel.
    38km | 32m
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    Note: After a long day of adventuring, rest your tired feet by catching a performance at the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra has been around since the 1930’s, and provides concerts for the whole Black Hills region. From well-known classical works to unique musical performances, the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra puts on some amazing shows that the whole family will love. Concert tickets range from $22 to $32 depending on which tier you choose, and the orchestra also offers student and military discounts.
    1km | 4m
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