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The All-In-One Planner For Your Next Road Trip

Plan your next adventure with the only road trip planner that takes the normal out of travel planning. Explore, plan and drive!

How it works
Step 1
Make detailed travel plans in one place
Plan your road trip with Planny Drive and then use our turn-by-turn navigation on the go. First, tell us where you would like to start your road trip, Planny Drive will help you to find and customize the best stops along the way including activities, hotels, restaurants, RV parks, and more. Keep all your booking and confirmation in one place.
Step 2
Make it awesome
With Planny Drive, divide your trip into easy daily driving segments. Click the ‘Day’ tabs for searching each day’s start / stop point, activities, RV parks hotels and more. Each day tab will display the total driving distance planned for that day including your daily stop points.
Step 3
Navigate on the go
Share your itinerary with your travel partners so you can all enjoy the same unforgettable experience! Use our itinerary to navigate on the go and control your trip like a boss.
Here's what our users think of Planny Drive
It’s super useful for visually planning out your trip in steps. It makes it so much easier to break it all down as opposed to figuring it out on the fly and potentially being stressed about it. Made it super easy to navigate and change routes.
Love this platform, been using Planny Drive and it makes our planning so easy especially when using the itinerary on the go because we are able to divide our trips into days, make so much sense! We are planning on doing an RV trip soon and really looking forward to using Planny Drive to help find RV parks, activities and magical places.
Planny Drive is a wonderful tool for planning your next trip! It suggests destinations based on your route, saves all of your trip plans in one place and has so many already made trip itineraries to get inspired. I used it to plan my recent New Mexico road trip and loved how easy to use and helpful it was! I’ll be using it for many more road trips in the future.
We have a 30ft class A RV. I use Planny Drive to plan every trip in the past 6 months. It has made my trip planning so much easier especially because we are traveling with 2 kids (4, 9) and we could find alongside the route: campgrounds, activities, and much more. This platform has the ability to check reviews and to go to the campgrounds' / activities websites and I found it extremely useful. 100% recommending Planny Drive to other RVers and families.