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22 days in Canada

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22 days
3863 km
Notes day 1
Notes day 2
Stops (Banff) - Banff Gondola, Cave and Basin historic site Stops (Rogers Pass) - Rogers Place Discovery Centre, Bear Creek Falls, Giant Cedars Boardwalk Supper (Revelstoke): Paramjit's Kitchen, The Taco Club
Notes day 3
Stops (Revelstoke) - Enchanted Forest (pack picnic?), Stops (Armstrong) - Dave's Goat Walk Stops (Vernon) - Davison Orchards and Cafe, Historic O'Keefe Ranch Food (Armstrong) - The Wild Oak Cafe Food (Vernon) - Boarding House (snacks and game cafe), Helmuts Sausage Kitchen (brunch/lunch), Bamboo Beach Fusion, Dorian's Greek, The Fig Bistro
Notes day 4
Stops (Vernon) - Spashdown, Davison Orchards, Goat Walk Stops (Penticton/Kelowna) - Loco Landing Adventure Park, Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Kangaroo Creek Farm Stops (Hope) - Othello Tunnels Food (Kelowna) - Jammery Food (Hope) - Home Restaurant (Pizza and Pie) Food (Harrison Hot Springs) - Muddy Waters Cafe (bakery + ice cream), The Black Forest Restaurant
Notes day 5
Activities: Science Centre, Aquarium, Fly over Canada/Canada Place Grandville Island: spray park, Candy Kitchen, The Nut Merchant, The Kids Market, Hat Shop Restaurants: Tap & Barrel, Gelato, Celine's Fish and Chips, Siegel's bagels, Kaisereck (Hot dogs), A la Mode (pies), Muffin Granny (crepes), Market Grill (breakfast)
Notes day 7
Activities Parksville: Macmillan Park, Beach, Horne Caves Duncan: Raptors, Tressel Bridge, Merridale Cidery Ferry at 10am
Notes day 11
Activities: Shaw Aquarium, Bug Museum, Miniature World, Butchard Gardens, Water Taxi, Scratch Patch Restaurants: Red Fish Blue Fish, Flying Otter, Pagliacci's, Little Red Box, Fuego (all day breakfast), West Coast Waffles, Rebar
Notes day 12
Notes day 13
Ferry at 10am Activities: Little Farmers Petting Zoo - feed animals (near playground, snacks, splash pad, snacks), BC Wildlife Park, Aquatic Centre Food: Romeos, Jamaican Kitchen, Casa Azul, Brewery?
Notes day 14
Activities (Jasper): Sunwapta Falls, Athabasca Falls, Valley of the Five Lakes Trail, Planetarium Food (Jasper): Folding Mountain Brewery, Alba Food (Hinton): The Old Grind - bakery/coffee, Folding Mountain Brewing, Rojo Marron
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