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Qatar weekend getaway

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3 days
441 km
Notes day 1
Good morning, Doha Say Marhaba to the capital by visiting the beautifully designed museums and galleries and take in the country’s heritage. Start the day at the National Museum of Qatar, where both the structure and the exhibits tell Qatar’s story. Inspired by the desert rose, the Jean Nouvel designed building is a masterpiece, and inside, exhibits chart the country’s history. Next, visit the Museum of Islamic Art, an architectural wonder designed by I.M. Pei, and home to a vast collection from across the Islamic world. After learning all about Qatar’s past, head to Katara Cultural Village for a wander and some lunch. Situated along Doha’s coastline, Katara presents an innovative interpretation of the region’s architectural heritage. The purpose-built development is home to theatres, galleries and performance venues which feature a year-round programme of concerts, shows and exhibitions. Cafes and restaurants can feed any taste, and a walk along Katara beach lets weary travelers feel the sand between their toes, if only for a while.
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